Marijampole Old Cemetery

Architectural values

The remains of the teacher, poet and translator, Lithuanian press distributor Petras Arminas–Trupinėlis‘s rest in Marijampole’s old cemetery, alongside the kens (symbolic tombs) of the famous teacher, book spreader Petras Kriaučiūnas and the author of the first Lithuanian historical novel Algimantas, Vincas Pietaris. In this cemetery, near the central trail there is the tomb of the writer Žematė, Rimantas Juknevičius, who died on January 13, 1991. There is also Marijonai tomb in the old Marijampolė cemetery in the middle of Marijampolė Old Cemetery, on the right of the central path – The Marion Congregation of St. Peter’s Square in Lithuania. Tombs of monks, the first members of the renewed monastic church such as J. Totoraitis, priests V. Dvaranauskas, J. Navickas, J. Kazak and many other priests and brothers Marions rest there.