Mound of Mounds

Natural monument

The mound of Piliakalniai is in the northwest part of Marijampolė municipality territory, northwards from Šunskai (eldership of Šunskai) in the left bank of Rytupis. It is accessible by road Marijampolė – Šunskai, away Šunskai driving in the direction of Kazliškiai, in Sarakai turned to the left in the direction of west, across 920 metres beside turn of a road to the left, turned to the right in a north way across 190 metres is behind a homestead.

It is fitted in a small hill situated in headland of hill interfering to the valley of Rytupis. Its total length in the direction of eastwest is 120 metres, the biggest width is 90 metres. Slopes from the side of the valley are sharp to 4 metres in height. The platform is triangular, oblong in the direction of northeast southwest, 25 metres of length and 27 metres of width on the side of northwards in which is poured 30 metres of length, 1,5-2 metres of height and by 12 metres width dyke and behind him is dug up 8 metres of width and 0,5 depth trench. The mound is overgrown with linden trees.

To the south of the mound, there is a settlement at the foot of a mound in the width of 0,3  hectare area. In the northern foot of the mound through a wetland passed by two underwater roads: one is 20×3 metres of size, other 40×0,6 metres of size to south from the first one. The mound is datable by one millennium. In 1972 was announced archaeology monument of republican meaning, in 1997 was written into a list of archaeological places of culture values register of Republic of Lithuania, on 19 of May, 1998 by a decision of government of Republic of Lithuania No. 612 was announced as the cultural monument, on 29 of April, 2005 was recognized as the nation protected monument. Area of monument territory is 0,3 hectares.