Kneipp theraphy sensation path

Natural monument

Marijampolė is famous for the football team “Sūduva”, and “Via Baltica” stretching through Šunskai is one of the most important traffic  route to the north-south.  Are you eager to know what the feeling of walking bare feet on the football pitch or on the asphalt of “Via Baltica” is? If the answer is yes, it is a must to try the path in Šunskai which is even 88 metres in length! The path is constructed following the philosophy of a German philosopher and priest Sebastian Kneipp. The philosophy of S. Kneipp focuses on the system of 5 elements: one element is moving. While walking on the path bare feet, a visitor must let his body feel different surfaces. The beginning of the path is synthetic surface of a football pitch, next stage is the surface of “Via Baltica” asphalt, then – the broken stone of the railway  “Rail Baltica” and, of course, you will feel the ancient road surface of Marijampolė town. The following step is diverse natural surfaces. One stage of the path is extreme because it consists of glass slivers.