Monument to Tauras county partisans

Monuments and sculptures

In 2003, commemorating the decade of Tauras county partisan and exile museum, a monument to Tauras county partisans, supporters and liaisons who died for Lithuanian freedom was unveiled in Vytautas Magnus Park.

The construction of the monument was initiated by Marijampolė branch of the Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners and Exiles.  To express the idea of the monument, the sculptor chose the stylized form of the leaning Vytis cross, which as if the cast shadow echoes at the base of the monument. The impression is enhanced by black granite and details: a broken sword, a symbolic figure of a dead or tortured partisan. The monument was located next to the house of V. Bagdonas (the former headquarters of the NKGB), where people were imprisoned, tortured, killed and the participants of the resistance fights buried right here in the park.