Home of the writer Anzelmas Matutis (1923–1985)


To the northwest of Igliauka there is a farmstead surrounded by trees, where the buildings of the beginning of the last century stand. The farmstead has a large pond surrounded by a row of beautifully lined larch, and in the north there is an old beautiful garden. This is the birthplace of the writer Anzelmas Matutis-Matulevicius. Anzelmas Matutis was a teacher, writer, creator of children’s literature, winner of many prizes. The talent of the poet A. Matutis was revealed early on – at the age of just 15 he created the first poem for children. The poet devoted all his talents to children’s literature. Throughout his life, Matutis visited his homeland, interacted with the people of Igliauka, and often attended Igliauka High School.

Many of the poet’s works have been translated into the languages of foreign countries. The writer’s books are published in a million copies. In 1984, the team “Margaspalvio genio kalve” was awarded the international H. K. Andersen diploma (by adding A. Matutis to the honorary book of prized writers). On May 20, 1989, Igliauka Secondary School was given the name of A. Matutis. Since October 29, 1988, one of the streets of Igliauka town has been named after him. In autumn 1997, a park was established near the farmstead. On May 19-29, 1999, the International Wood carving symposium “Igliauka 99” took place. The 19 sculptures created during the symposium show the way to the poet’s birthplace and adorn the farmstead itself and the park planted by the countrymen.

 Homestead-museum supervisor — Algimantas Lanauskas. It can be visited by prior arrangement.