Home of priest Pijus Bielskus (1880-1958)


Pijus Bielskus was a Roman Catholic priest, doctor of philosophy, professor, head of the Office of the President of Lithuania. On May 17, 1903, he was ordained a priest in Warsaw. On June 16, 1919, as one of the representatives of Lithuanian Americans, he went to the Peace Conference in Paris. The delegation was tasked with strictly demanding recognition of Lithuania’s independence by not being allowed into any other combinations until the issue of Lithuania’s independence was properly tied up. On March 1, 1920, he was appointed adviser of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participated in issues with the Vatican, participated as secretary and treasurer of the Lithuanian delegation in Riga to establish the Lithuanian-Latvian border. In 1940, P. Bielskus went to his brother the book-spreader V. Bielskus and hid the original Act of Independence of Lithuania in his house, the further fate of which is unknown.