St. Vincent Paulietis Church

Architectural values

It was a church without rectory before getting this name. The church was built in 1888 and it was dedicated for Orthodox. This church has anchorages and seven turrets. The bishop of Seinai passed on this church for Marijonai after First World War. Later, the new owners rearranged the buildings to the church and worked there till it was closed. However, the church was turned into a warehouse in the soviet period. What is more, the church was also as a temple of IX Vytautas crew from 1924. The church was completely closed in 1944 and resumed activity just when Lithuania became an independent country. This building was given back in 1989 and renovated. Finally, the church opened the doors for all people in 1990. The church of St. Vincentas Paulietis was the first reconstructed church after becoming an independent country.