Railway station

Architectural values

Marijampole Railway Station was built between 1923 and 1924 and has a  great architectural value. It is one of the most decorated objects of such functional style in Lithuania. In terms of composition and style, the station is original among the buildings of this purpose in Lithuania. The station is bunk, with a large local water tower in the center and a single-storey trunk and administrative premises. The building is made of brick, the exterior walls are covered with red finishing tiles with inserts of plastered parts.

Asymmetrical, progressively developing composition of the building is characteristic of the modern direction. In the décor of the building there are also supports of historical styles (attic decoration elements close to neobarok, high chimneys are taken  from neo-Gothic), but thanks to stylization, this detail harmoniously binds to the whole. Valuable and protected elements and parts of the building are the volume of the building, authentic materiality, facades and their décor, interiors and their décor, planned – spatial structure, authentic joinery products (passenger waiting room benches, doors, windows).