Chapel of Suffering

Architectural values

In Vytautas the Great Park in 1991 June 14 the Chapel of Suffering  was unveiled. An inscription is inscribed at the foot of the chapel, “We were robbed of blood by our native stump. Our wounds were made with forged shoes. A. Miškinis. 1940-1955.” The construction of the chapel was initiated by the Marijampolė branch of the Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners in Deportation (LPKTS MS), designed by architect Zenonas Galadauskas.

 The location for the construction of the chapel was chosen not by chance. It stands between the building of the Vilkaviškis diocese curia (P. Kriaučiūno str. 17) and V. Bagdonas‘ house (Vytauto str. 26). Victims of the NKGB, NKVD and Gestapo were tortured here. The buildings were equipped with interrogation rooms and prison cells, where Lithuanian freedom fighters and civilians were interrogated, tortured and killed. The tortured and murdered were buried right here in the park.