Poetry park


In 1977 a general plan of the town was approved. It indicated that the territory between the Šešupė and current J. Basanavičiaus square was to be revived. In 1984 the development of a park began. Manufacturing and residential buildings were demolished, the trees in the Marian monastery garden were cut down, and the Javonis creek was cleaned up. Fountains, decorative bridges and benches were built. The park was embellished by Julius Narušis sculpture Šešupė.

In 1986, the Poetry Spring event came to our town and settled down in the newly created park, thus giving it the Poetry Park name. In 1987, an oak tree was planted there to mark a twenty-year anniversary of the friendship of the towns of Kapsukas (Marijampolė) and Kokola (Finland). In 2012, the park was reconstructed. After the reconstruction, water became the main accent of the park. A few places for chamber events and an amphitheater were built. The Poetry Park was adorned by another sculpture of Julius Narušis, it commemorated the song of Vytautas Kernagis called “Kaip sirpsta vyšnios Suvalkijoje”. Behind it, the so-called facewall of Marijampolians was created.

The area of the Poetry Park is 4.36 hectares, it has around one hundred species of trees and bushes.