Pašešupis park


The bends of Šešupė surround one of the city’s parks, whose paths are decorated with beautiful tree alleys. This is Pašešupis Park, which covers an area of almost 27 hectares, through which a 3-kilometer-long dendrological cognitive trail passes. Walking along this trail you will get acquainted with valuable old trees growing here, various vegetation. In the dendrological park, there are also ponds that provide a favorable medium for biodiversity, next to the River Šešupė. When fruit trees bloom in spring, Pašešupis Park drowns in a sea of reddish-white flowers, and in the autumn period  the leaves of trees are painted in the colours of golden autumn.

Walking along the beautiful tree alleys here you will discover tranquility, natural charm of nature. Visitors can admire the beautiful nature in the furnished view, which is decorated with stylized cube-shaped benches. About 80 rest benches are located on the territory of the dendrological park, so everyone will find rest here. Pašešupis Park has spaces for active leisure. The park visitors can spend time playing badminton, beach volleyball, outdoor tennis, disc golf and football, or try their hand at outdoor chess. A comfortable and safe children’s playground is available for the little ones. Cyclists are provided with a bicycle route with roller coasters and a bicycle path through the park. Water lovers can spend time in the park in a newly equipped bathing area. Changing cabins are located on the bathing area. There is also an outdoor toilet and a drinking water column in the park. The park area is a great place for meetings with family or friends. Here you can go for a picnic and grill delicious dishes in a specially equipped area.