Bukta educational path

Natural monument

Bukta educational path is located in the territory of municipality of Marijampolė, 6 km to the southeast from Liudvinavas. The path has quickly become popular and has many visitors all year round. It is either a perfect place to spend time with a family or there is a possibility to have a jaunt around a fireplace. There is a resting place to satisfy the needs of tourists. It is located in the area of the forest, approximately 700 metres from the educational path. The way to the resting path can be easily found with the help of the signs. The place itself offers a calm rest, families with children will find natural surroundings and an opportunity to educate the little ones while getting to know the names of plants, trees, mushrooms and berries. The resting place has everything what a good jaunt requires: shade, swings, rubbish bins, a toilet. There is also a special fireplace: having set fire, you can hang a pot, make soup and have a meal in the place full of calmness. Visitors can admire a nearby stretching pond which is unique because half of it has been renewed and expanded while the other half of it remains as it used to be- a swamp- with the purpose to protect natural environment and ecosystem.

Forest Bukta is a unique natural object included into the list of protected objects of EU. It is one of the richest forest territory containing more than 500 grassy plants. Visitors are invited to try 2 educational paths which have 1,3 km and 1.7 km routes. The paths have 7 stops with informative notice boards giving information about the exceptional greenery growing around–hornbeams, leaf-bearing trees with rare and protected species of animals and plants.