Amalvos educational path

Natural monument

Amalvos educational path is located in the municipality of Marijampolė, 11 km to the east from Marijampolė town. A new 121 metres educational path will lead visitors to one of the biggest swamp of Suvalkija where the lovers of nature will admire the width of the swamp and while reading the informative notices, will get information about the swamp, its ecosystem, flora and fauna. The beginning of educational path starts with the observation platform which provides a stunning panorama of Almava swamp and a further landscape of Žuvintas reserve which has even more places of sightseeing. The foresters foresee a bright future to the place as it is a unique corner of Sūduva. The informative notices of Almava educational path point out that approximately 100 of different species of birds live in the place and a specific environment of the swamp influence the wildlife. As a result of this, there is a chance to meet a snake,  moose and wolves as well as other animals which are of great interest to all nature lovers.