Etnography and Prezident Kazys Grinius museum


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Marijampolė ethnography and Prezident Kazys Grinius museum is one of the oldest museums in Suvalkija. It was founded in 1933. Nowadays it is located in the building complex of former court of the end of XIX century. A visitor can see the expositions such as “The spirit of the nation“, “The city by the river Šešupė“ as well as to know the lifestyle of the locals, the history of the city of Marijampolė. One can find here both impressive and unique exhibits: the skeleton of “Turlojiškės man“ dating back to 3000 years ago, one of the biggest burying urns, a giant size court book of  XIX century, a chapel devoted to memorize the rebellion of 1863 and many other exhibits of household, written language, numismatics and textile. Exhibitions, events, active educational activities are oragnised in the museum. Besides, the catalogues of the exhibits housed in the museum are published.

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