St. Margarita Hospital


It is the oldest brick building in Marijampolė. The old Marijampolė Hospital was built when Užnemunė and our city went to Prussia. The hospital had 30 beds for patients. President Kazys Grinius wrote in his memoirs the following story of the appearance of this hospital, “The Queen of The Prussians who visited Marijampolė, a very good woman, she met two impoverished, frozen children in the city who asked for begging. – Why don’t you go to school, why don’t you treat scabs? ” the Queen asked. The children replied that neither the school nor the doctor were there. The Queen then ordered to establish both a school and hospital in the city.” The good woman whom the prussians considered a saint was Queen Luiza, the wife of King Frydrichas Vilhelmas III of Prussia, who ruled from 1797 to 1840.