Cat patio


According to the legend, Countess Francis Ščiukaitė-Butlerienė, the founder of Marijampolė city, loved and cared for cats very much. It is possible that this is not only a beautiful legend, since the patron saint Francis Romietė was the patron saint of the Countess, and as you know, the Eternal City is famous not only for its excellent buildings and its impressive history, but also for the abundance of cats. During the redevelopment of the old town of the city, the cats of Countess Francis Ščiukaitė-Butlerienė playing with water appeared there. The patio quickly became everyone’s favorite place, and the locals noticed that when you come up with a desire and pat all three cats, it really comes true. However, cats of Suvalkija character do not fill the financial wishes… Although the try is definitely worth it. If you sit in the cat’s backyard with a cup of coffee, you might get and see live old town cats who come here hoping to be given a delicious treat.