High Tension


This is a memory of adolescence in Marijampolė: leisure time spent in cars, nightly car rides through the city streets, dates, romance in the parking lots and the high tension before the first kiss…

Cars are without doubt the best place for finding and sharing music. Without distractions the passengers are free to listen to the music and delve into new sounds – from hard electronic to subtle classical music, allowing them to feel like the main characters in a music video, the coolest kids on the block.

An integral part of the art piece is the “Depeche Mode” inscription that first appeared on this wall in 1991. It was written by a member of the “Depeche Mode” fan club that was around at the time. This is the place where once upon a time punks and metalheads would gather after concerts, and lovers would meet for romantic dates, as they still do.

The audio track accompanying the art piece: “Depeche Mode” – Freelove.mp3