A story-teller


The artist was inspired by the stories of the characters of the book „Dreams of a little frog“  and by personal recollections about forefathers coming from Lithuania and Poland who were the story-tellers of her childhood. The artist drew a sunflower on the wall of the building. The story- teller in the book „Dreams of a little frog“ gives  dreams to a little frog. In one of the stories the little frog has to give away his heart to death. When that happens, the dream comes true and the story-teller divides herself into many story-tellers like seeds in a sunflower. This marvellous blossom symbolizes each of us individually as if we are story-tellers of our stories. The seeds in the blossom are our dreams which disappear after becoming true. With the help of young volunteers in Marijampole, this painting beautifies the souls of the artist‘s forefathers, their native roots while seeds in the sunflower are all people creating the world with their own stories.