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Poetry park

The park was a part of Marijonai monastery from its beginning to Second World War. It was a place full of pastures and farmlands, later it was a place of gardens, which provided the best fruits and vegetables in town. There was also a stool workshop; opened before 1927 (it was in the current MAXIMA place). They also had the feast of boards with 20 employees. They had orders from different places in Lithuania. They also had Smithy, shoes and clothes workshop.

The legend says that the place for monastery (now the poetry park) was chosen very carefully and in a special way: she was walking from her manor to Starapole town by praying. Her prayer finished between Sesupe and Jevonis, so that is why they decided to build a church and monastery in this place. Later, the city part between these two rivers was given to Marijonai. The name of Marijampole was born from the words Marijonai and Starapole.

Now poetry park is full of romantic trails and fountains with special lighting installed to create a real show in the evening…


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