IN.side. OUT


IN.side. OUT drawing depicts school, as school for every child is a place where he/she is separated from a family and creates his/her own picture of his/her individuality to the outside world. Also, the picture reveals the aspects of bullying. A lot of people see only the outside picture because, in many cases, eyes cannot reach heart and can see neither a fragile soul of an artist nor the “IN” mistakes of a personality. All life consists of tiny and diverse details but every single detail (sometimes it is hurting or even not understandable at first), is necessary because it is a common part of a picture. What each person sees depends on his/her attitude: if he/she sees a white detail or space for imagination, creativity or cosmos. IN.side. OUT drawing depicts the fact that every person is one who destroys, builds walls and makes heart nude, he can be in the side of IN or OUT.