The Museum of Ethnography

+370 343 54 575 

The Museum of Ethnography – one of the oldest museums in Suvalkija. The museum started to work in 1933, it can be found in the former Courthouse.

The visitors can see the exhibitions like “Tautos Dvasia” and “Miestas Prie Šešupės”, to get to know the life style of Suvalkiečiai and the history of Marijampolė. Here you can find amazing and unique exhibits: “Turlojiškės žmogaus” a skeleton which is 3000 years old, one of the biggest funeral urns of Lithuania, an impressive sized book of court acts from XIX century, chapel for memorial of uprising in 1863 and many home goods, old coins, written papers and textile.

There are many different exhibitions, events, educational activities and a catalogue of museum exhibits. What is more, you can learn old crafts and customs.

Services in the museum and nearby

  • Free parking
  • Pre-registration required
  • We speak Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English

Museum location and contacts

  • +370 343 54 575, +370 343 56 288
  • Vytauto str. 29, Marijampolė
  • II – VI from 9 to 17 h.