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Museum of Kvietiskis Manor

+370 656 19 882

The beginning of Marijampole city starts in Kvietiskis Manor, which was built, by mayor of Prienai Morkus Antanas Butleris in 1717. This place is connected to many famous people and incidents. Some historians say that the manor was visited by marshal M. Nejus of Napaleon in 1807, which is now the same location as Marijampole Collage. The territory is huge, almost 20 hectares which holds old buildings like a warehouse of grains with a basement. The basement has its own exhibition which is called “Where Kvietiskis Manor was built”. Employees also organize educational programs:

  • Club of owls, where owl of Manor tells interesting stories and names, organizing hours of knowledge, funny contests and at the end everyone is having a picnic.
  • Other activity is a meeting with Mrs. Butleriene: hike of 3, 5 kilometres. Trip starts from history of Manors, by walking around the park, standing near oak of the sleeves, which is in the list of state-owned object.

Visitors are invited to enjoy fresh air at the park after visiting the museum.

Services in the museum and nearby

  • Free parking
  • Pre - registration required
  • We speak Lithuanian, Polish, Russian

Museum location and contacts

  • +370 656 19 882
  • direkcija@mkolegija.lt
  • P. Armino str. 92, Marijampolė
  • www.facebook.com/KvietiskioDvaras/