Manor of Bukta

The most valuable properties of this manors – structure of homestead plan, spatial composition, remains of former part of buildings, relief, roads, trails, plants, trees. The main purpose of this manor – for living and farming.

The age of manors is the end of XIX a – beginning of XX age. Manor also had building like 2 barns, storage and a house.

The manors were first mentioned in 1520 – 1525. Manors are environed by Sesupe. People built a house at the left side of the river in XVI a. The purpose of this house was to invite the hunters and assistants of duke. In 1569 the Great Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Zygimantas Augustas passed on the land for Lukas Volfas. In 1649 it was a manor of forests which did not have farmland and any serfs. One of the landlords built a manor house which had two floors and deep basements. The thickness of the walls were 70 cm.

Location and contacts

  • Bukta, Liudvinavo sen., Marijampolės raj.